Electrical Brush

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  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Anti-Virus

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New stylish colors
now available!

Choose a color that really matches
your personality

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Effective and reliable
protection for your teeth

The brush handle fits perfectly in the hand, is slim and beautifully made.

Health Certificate 2000 -
professional care

The highest quality and protection for your

Sonic cleaning
and whitening power

At the same time, it protects and whitens

3 types
of cleaning tips

Round, rectangular and super-wide

Your one and only
online pharmacy!

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  • Up to 5 users simultaneously
  • Has HEALTH certificate


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Nevtralni brezbarvni silikonski kit Cromasil 280ml

(0 Mnenj)
  • Ne vpliva na ustvarjanje korozije
  • Ima odlične mehanske lasnosti
  • Odporen je na vse vremenske vplive in kemikalije

Univerzalni brezbarvni silikonski kit Cromasil 280ml

(0 Mnenj)
  • Kit je trajno elastičen
  • Ima odlične mehanske lasnosti
  • Odporen je na vse vremenske vplive in kemikalije

Akrilni kit Cromakril 310ml

(0 Mnenj)
  • Tesnilna masa na osnovi akrilne disperzije
  • Odličen oprijem na poroznih materialih
  • Ne vsebuje škodljivih topil

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